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A professional team and a people-oriented approach.

Pioneers in the field of dermo-aesthetics, Manon Larivière and her team offer skin, face and body treatments using effective and safe products and technologies. Our treatments are provided by our team of beauty professionals, all qualified in the use of high-tech equipment. After studying dietetics, Manon Larivière specialized in dermo-aesthetic technologies and has been helping a diverse clientele maintain youthful, radiant skin since 2013. Leaders in their field and active in the industry for more than ten years now, Manon and her team are dedicated to the well-being of their clients by working on the aesthetic appearance of the face and body.

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Manon Larivière

Position: Owner
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A professional team and a people-oriented approach.

Manon Larivière has training from the Académie Internationale Compétence Beauté and several diplomas from distributors for the lasers she works with. She regularly gives training courses on the use of high-tech devices to members of the medical profession, in collaboration with Californian specialists in laser aesthetic treatments. Manon also participates in seminars to keep abreast of new trends and technologies. The dermo-aesthetic field is for her a passion that she wishes to share through transmitting her knowledge. By informing the public and offering superior quality services, Manon wishes to encourage people to take care of their body and their skin through the use of high-tech devices offering optimal results.

Manon Larivière


Originally graduated from the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Montreal, Dr. Larue completed a specialization in neurology at Laval University and a subspecialization in neuro-muscular diseases at the Institute of Myology in Paris. Not only has she been practicing as a neurologist since 2008, but Dr. Larue is also in charge of the neuro-muscular/ALS clinic at Charles-Lemoyne Hospital. She serves as the head of the electrophysiology department, a clinical teaching professor (University of Sherbrooke), and the principal investigator for numerous clinical research projects. Dr. Larue added aesthetic medicine to her expertise almost three years ago.

Dr. Larue holds certification from the Institute of Aesthetic Medicine in Montreal, and she is a registered member of CMQ, FMSQ, the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada, and the Canadian Association of Aesthetic Medicine.

Nurse since 2015, specialized in medical aesthetics, Kathy has completed several advanced training courses and collaborated with multiple plastic surgeons to perfect her practice. She is a caring, meticulous, and dedicated nurse in her work.

Her exceptional attention to detail and pursuit of excellence are for the benefit of her clients.

With her experience in the aesthetics field, she can provide you with a personalized evaluation and treatment based on your needs.

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