Jaw Reduction


Jaw Reduction

What is this ?

A jaw that is too wide or square can be a source of insecurity for both women and men. For women, having a square jaw is typically considered a masculine trait. However, a too-square chin or disproportionate jaw can pose problems for men as well. Jaw reduction is one of the best solutions for correcting the lower third of the face, which can cause self-consciousness. But first, what are the causes of a wide jaw ? What are the possible treatments ?

What is Jaw Reduction ?

Jaw reduction encompasses treatments (surgical or non-surgical) aimed at narrowing the lower part of the face. In countries like Asia, a square jaw is considered a masculine trait. Therefore, having a wide jaw is often seen as discordant in women. It can also be considered a negative trait if it is asymmetrical in men.


The causes of a too-wide or square jaw can range from poor lifestyle habits to issues related to bone structure.

Masseter Muscle Hypertrophy

Masseter muscle hypertrophy manifests as an enlargement of the soft tissue of the jaw muscles, particularly near the angle of the lower jaw. It is typically a benign condition that, in most cases, gives the face a square appearance.

Masseter muscle hypertrophy is often linked to stress and poor dietary habits. It can also be caused by bruxism. Generally, it is valued in men, which is not the case in women. In this context, it is considered unattractive as it masculinizes the face.

While benign, this condition can cause pain. In some cases, swelling is significant enough to cause facial disfigurement.


Bruxism is the grinding or clenching of teeth without lateral movement. It can occur when an individual is awake (awake bruxism) or during sleep (sleep bruxism). This multifactorial condition can cause jaw pain, neck pain, or headaches in some patients.

The most severe signs of bruxism typically occur during sleep. Sometimes, patients are unaware of their condition, but their family members may have noticed. Bruxism can lead to serious complications such as tooth loss. Risk factors for this condition include stress and sleep disorders.

Excess Subcutaneous Fat

Poor diet, lack of physical activity, or certain illnesses can lead to overweight or obesity. Excess fat under the skin can cause a double chin or wide jaw.

Bone Structure

Prognathism is a facial configuration in which the lower part of the jaw is projected forward. This extension can affect both jaws. If it affects only one, it is called maxillary or mandibular prognathism. This anomaly typically occurs when the subject’s teeth are not properly aligned in the mouth. It results from a specific shape of the facial bones. Prognathism develops during the embryonic or fetal stage of the child. It can also be genetic.


During aging, the human body undergoes changes that lead to numerous aesthetic issues. A too-square jaw may be caused by sagging skin in the lower part of the face due to the effects of aging. Additionally, aging can lead to the accumulation of fat in the lower third of the face. This is also due to the loss of skin tone and fat depletion.

Areas Concerned with Jaw Reduction

The areas of the face targeted by this procedure are the chin and the mandible. The jaw is indeed composed of the mandible and the maxillary bone. These are the two bones that support the teeth. Chewing is partly performed thanks to articulating the mandible with the skull.

Possible Treatments

Depending on the cause of the square, disproportionate, or wide jaw, reduction may require surgical or non-surgical treatment. Whatever your choice, to achieve the desired results, ensure that a specialized and competent doctor performs the procedure.

Non-Surgical Treatments

If the square jaw is due to masseter muscle hypertrophy, many non-surgical solutions are recommended to harmonize and refine the lower third of the face. Do you want to refine your too-square chin ? Or, on the contrary, increase your jaw to have more masculine features ? The specialists at the MRockland dermo-aesthetic clinic will provide injections to sculpt and define the line of the lower third of the face.

Whether you are in Mont-Royal or the greater Montreal area, the qualified staff of the clinic will reshape your face with our filler injections according to your needs to obtain the best possible result. From the first consultation, the specialist listens to your every desire to make your dream a reality.


Radiesse is an injectable filler product specially composed of calcium hydroxyapatite microspheres. Like Botox or hyaluronic acid, calcium hydroxyapatite is naturally present in the body. It stimulates the natural production of collagen, making it an excellent solution for filling wrinkles and restoring volume.

This non-surgical intervention in aesthetic medicine is suitable for patients who want to smooth wrinkles on their face or improve the shape and contour of the chin. In cases of masseter muscle hypertrophy, calcium hydroxyapatite is used to refine the oval part of the face.


Sculptra is a type of injectable implant approved by Health Canada. This collagen bio stimulator, used since 1999, is based on polylactic acid. Its main function is the progressive regeneration and firming of the skin on the face. It is a long-lasting solution that can be renewed every year or every two years, depending on the effects felt by the patient.

This solution is often used to correct wrinkles, dark circles, and marionette lines. It is also used in case of facial fat loss, making it the ideal product to refine the square jaw. For women, this treatment will restore harmony to the face and reduce the width of the jaw. For men, Sculptra injections will harmonize the face for those who want to reduce the jaw and increase its size if desired.


The non-surgical treatment of Dysport is a solution that offers excellent results for reducing the jaw caused by masseter muscle hypertrophy. This is a neuromodulator derived from type A botulinum toxin, like Botox (botulinum toxin). It is specifically used to treat wrinkles caused by facial contractions.

In the case of jaw reduction, injections are mainly made into the muscles of the mandible. They are injected at the lower edge of the masseter muscles, which are partly responsible for the phenomenon of the too-square jaw. In general, treatment must be repeated every six to eight months. If no touch-up is performed, the jaw will return to its original shape after one year.

Jaw reduction is a widely used solution to overcome certain insecurities in women and men. Surgical treatments are suitable for problems related to bone structure and excess fat under the skin. If you want to refine or harmonize the third of your face, it is ideal to opt for non-surgical treatments, which present significantly fewer risks of complications and pain.

Feel free to contact the specialists at the MRockland dermo-aesthetic clinic for your jaw reduction treatments with professionalism and safety.

Surgical Treatments

Only surgery can improve certain types of broad jaw problems. The surgical surgeon performs orthognathic surgery, which is divided into three interventions :

  • maxillary osteotomy (surgery of the upper jaw),
  • mandibular osteotomy (surgery of the lower jaw),
  • and genioplasty (chin surgery).

Depending on each case, the surgeon proposes the operation of one or both jaws simultaneously. This is then referred to as bimaxillary surgery. The intervention lasts, on average, between 1 and 2 hours in the operating room. It requires a work stoppage that generally lasts 1 month and a ban on sports activities for a period of 2 months.


How can I soften the features of my square face ?


Do you want to feminize the features of your face ? Depending on the areas to be treated, you can opt for non-surgical treatments such as Radiesse or surgical treatments.

How can I reduce my jaw without surgery ?


To lessen the jaw without surgery, you can opt for injections of Dysport, Sculptra, Radiesse, or Botox (botulinum toxin).

Who are the injections for square jaw aimed at ?


Radiesse, Sculptra, or Botox injections for jaw reduction are intended for women and men who have a problem :

  • with a too-square jaw (to balance or refine it)
  • with a receding chin,
  • with a too-round jaw (jaw redefinition).

Injections are also intended for anti-aging treatment when the patient’s face loses volume in the jaws.

How can I increase the size of my jaw ?


If your chin is asymmetrical or your mandibular muscle is too short or thin, you can undergo surgery to correct this defect. Depending on the origin of the problem, injections are also non-surgical and more straightforward solutions to address this issue.

How can I prevent the problem of a jaw that is too wide ?


If the problem is unrelated to a pathology or bone structure, to prevent masseter muscle hypertrophy, here are some precautions to take :

  • adopt good dietary habits,
  • avoid excessive chewing (excessive chewing gum),
  • and avoid chewing hard foods such as meats.

If you still find that your jaw is too broad, do not hesitate to contact a specialist doctor.