Dermo-esthétique M Rockland is a specialized, private clinic offering personalized body and skin care for the rejuvenation, refirming and bettering of the appearance of the skin as well as for micropuncture, body remodelling, non-surgical liposuction, permanent hair removal, tattoo removal and Botox® injections. We are dedicated to rejuvenating your skin’s natural health and restoring youthful feeling and appearance. Our professional, experienced team provide treatments and care using a holistic approach to enhance well-being in body and spirit.

Founded by Manon Larivière, Dermo-esthétique M Rockland was established in Montréal in 2003 and has been located at Rockland Health Complex since 2011. The clinic has always been invested in developing a personalized range of services using high-end technology to meet the demands of an ever-growing and changing market. Our products and treatments are customized for all skin types and according to individual needs. We merge science, art, and beauty to restore and preserve firm, young, and healthy skin.

Our holistic approach fosters wellness and longevity